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We are offering you different types of assessment according to your needs.


Before we take any steps to assess your horse, we will get in touch with you in order to find out what your needs and expectations are.

Before we take any steps to assess your horse, we will get in touch with you in order to find out what your needs and expectations are Following this, we will go to see and analyse the horse, we will get to know it directly, we will see how it behaves in its normal surroundings and how it reacts in different situations. We will study its conformation, the way it moves and its shape.


We will check the technical performance of the horse you wish to buy, and how it moves, whether in dressage, jumping, cross-country etc by working with it as much as you consider convenient and we will give you our analysis of its potential. We will also say whether we recommend this horse for your needs and standard.


We will observe the horse’s movements in its four paces, both when it is free and working in a training ring, whether it is dressage, jumping or out in the country.

Once studied, we will provide an assessment of the possible improvements we envisage for the future.


We will analyse the physical aspects of the horse considering the morphological parameters of its breed. We will explain exactly what it is like physically, the real colour of its coat, its conformation and its legs, also describing its back, height, head and neck.

With the help of experienced veterinarians, we will tell you if it meets the essential morphological requirements of its breed.


IN HC BCN we are in direct and permanent contact with a team of vets who will go to see your horse and will be able to check, evaluate and diagnose any problems or illnesses.

The veterinary assessment will be made according to your specific requirements. We will keep in direct contact with you to check and take decisions about any situation which might crop up.


We will observe the horse on its own ground and in its different daily situations to define its character so that you will get a true impression of its personality and behaviour.

We will study its behaviour in its box, we will see if it has any hidden vices, how it behaves when it is fetched from the paddock, when you set it free and when you prepare for training, how it relates to other horses in the training ring and out in the country. We will also make sure it doesn’t have any phobias or fears when being showered, lead into a trailer or when hearing sudden noises.


We also offer you a continuous assessment service adapted to your needs including a permanent dialogue with you for commenting on or checking its progress.

If you need any more detailed information about the horse in question or you still have your doubts and you feel that you haven’t acquired enough information through the global assessment, HC BCN can offer a periodical study through observation, training and ground work, always adapted to your needs and through informative conversations and videos so that you can see and check its progress.


If you are interested in having information about two or more horses, we will make the pertinent assessments so that you can choose the horse which is most suitable for your needs.

If you have doubts when deciding between two or more horses, HC BCN will evaluate them and give you the necessary information to choose the most suitable for your needs.

HC BCN will visit the horses that you wish to compare and after the corresponding assessment we will give you the pros and cons of each one of them in order for you to choose the one that suits you best.

We are also prepared to help you in your search to buy a horse, always respecting your needs and your budget

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